Yet Again…

So I learned yesterday of the passing of one of my high school friends.  Married to her high school sweetheart, two little kids, one boy, one girl.  Got diagnosed with cancer and at 38 she is gone.  And all I can think about is her family.  Her parents, her husband and God, her children.  Remembering how I felt the day Mark died, the worst day of my life.  Realizing that people are going through that RIGHT NOW.  Feeling that anguish and pain.  The literal heart break.  People say it’s heartbreaking, but it’s just a word.  But it truly feels like your heart is breaking, the pain is almost physical it is so intense.

They are making arrangements for a funeral, looking through pictures for a slideshow (this is supposed to be therapeutic, but maybe it isn’t), dealing with the excess of phone calls, emails, facebook messages of people reaching out to express their condolences.  There is a husband realizing that he is a widower before 40.  That he will have to raise his kids without a mother.  And even though he may have known this was coming, he isn’t ready.  Because nothing in life prepares you for losing the other half of your whole.

So today, if you are so lucky to have your soulmate here on Earth with you, appreciate them, love them, give them a little tighter hug.  And please keep this family who has just had their entire world change in an instant in your prayers.


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