Father’s Day

Here it is again.  Another Father’s Day.  For all the obvious reasons, this is a hard day for us.  My kiddos don’t have the most important dad here and I don’t have the father of my children here.  That part sucks.  But along with that comes a huge sense of gratefulness with the other important dads in our lives.

To start, we have Uncle Billy.  My brother-in-law and all around great guy.  He is NOT my kids dad, but he plays an important role and is such a great role model.  He takes the kids overnight (let’s them stay up too late), watches them all the time when my sister and I have plans, and of course is number one baseball coach of all time!!  We are SO SO lucky to have him in our lives.

And then there’s my dad.  What can I even say?  It doesn’t get much better.  Besides the obvious of building a house next door to me, he is always there if I need him.  And if he ever doesn’t want to help, I don’t know it because anytime I ask for help it’s answered with “of course.”  I never feel like I’m putting him out and he always helps with a smile on his face.  I mean what 63 year old grandpa does my 8 year-old ask me “can I go ask if grandpa can play?”  He plays baseball, he makes pancakes, he listens to uncle grandpa and wii all day long.  And we all know without a doubt how much he loves us.

Which brings us full circle.  The father of my kids.  My Marky.  On Father’s Day, we remember the father he was when he was here.  And boy oh boy, he was amazing.  Yeah yeah, we all think our kids’ fathers are awesome on Father’s Day, but he really was.  I think it was mainly because he was a big kid at heart himself.  He was definitely the “fun one” and always thought of fun and interesting things to do with the kids.  He was “hands on” and took care of our kiddos in such a special way.  Today especially I miss him.  I miss the way he snuggled with the kids, the bedtime stories that were way more fun than mine.  I miss looking at the kids sitting on his lap while watching TV and seeing them play on the beach or at the park or while out on a walk.  Nobody can understand the full impact of a loss like this until it happens to you.  You think you can, but you can’t.  And let me just say, be thankful.  Enjoy every moment with your dads.  We will enjoy our day with the special dads in our lives but  I know my kids would give anything to have another day with Mark.  Hug your dads a little tighter today and Happy Father’s Day to all the special guys out there!


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