Life Gets in the Way

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I’ve popped on here.  So much has happened, and maybe that’s why I haven’t been around.  I had a total impromptu trip to Tampa for another “Camp Widow”… which was even better than the last.  I am certain that it sounds totally strange to “outsiders” but it is such a wonderful place where I can go to connect with “my people.”  They GET it, because they’ve been through it.  While the support of my family and friends is essential, this is equally important.  I spent 4 days with people I just met but felt like I’ve known forever.  I created friendships and a new support system.  I am SO thankful for these people that have been put into my path to help me along my journey.  I know they are part of my healing.

And with that, baseball season is upon us.  So I will most likely not be around much.  B is back with part-time travel and in-house, which equates to at least 4 days a week, and S is starting Bobcats baseball this year too, so he will be 2 days a week as well (and I’m his Team Mom!)  E is still in her dance classes 5 days a week and I am running a production at the kids’ school… so to say things are busy is an understatement.  And on top of this, I decide now is the time for me to ACTUALLY get out into the dating world.  I know I am going to have to force myself because while I am hopeful it could be fun, I am anticipating some discomfort initially.  It’s all part of a learning curve, right?  And maybe I’ll have some interesting experiences to share 😉



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